Welcome to Hong Kong Open Exchange!

The Hong Kong Open Exchange (HKOX) is wholly owned and operated by the Joint Universities Computer Centre (“JUCC”) Ltd and is participating in the Global Network Architecture program (GNA) as the Global Open Exchange Point in Hong Kong. GNA is an international collaboration between national R&E networks. The program enables R&E networks to align their spending for intercontinental bandwidth, setup of Global Open Exchange Points (GXPs) around the world for attachment of high-bandwidth international circuits, such that needs for expensive end-to-end links between R&E networks can be streamlined and optimized. More details can be found at https://gna-re.net/.


Hong Kong has good submarine cable connectivity and is well positioned to run an Global Open Exchange Points. There are many Research and Education (R&E) Networks as well as commercial network having point of presence (PoP) in Hong Kong and many of them are MEGA-i. Building an Open Exchange Point enables Hong Kong to become an important R&E network hub in the region. Hong Kong R&E community will be enabled to participate in high-impact worldwide research and education activities that are data-intensive/bandwidth intensive (e.g. HK faculty members participating in particle physics, genomic research, meteorology, telemedicine, etc.). R&E networks all over the world are welcomed to make a high-speed connection to HKOX, taking advantage of the well-developed submarine cable capacity in Hong Kong. We expect the establishment of HKOX will contribute to R&E development in the region.


Our rack location is located on 10/F, MEGA-I, Chai Wan, Hong Kong. The HKOX switch has already been in production and we will provide 1GE, 10GE and 100GE connections for NREN. Also, we will waive the port charges until further notice. 

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